Often the amount of the dry out is unknown, however our pricing is based on standardized pricing for the industry. Your insurance company uses the same price guide we do. When an adjuster is assigned to your claim, we will explain to them what we have done up to that point, then get an authorization before further steps are taken.


This is a very big concern and we at AMH Restoration have spent a lot of time and money on education and equipment to become qualified in water damage restoration. In most cases if the drying process can be started fairly quickly, you generally do not need to be concerned with mold.


We do not. But if we suspect elevated levels of mold, we will refer you to a reputable third party mold testing firm to perform a proper inspection and sampling.


The equipment we use is capable of running for months without being shut off. They will not overheat and should be fine. If you hear or smell anything which seems to not be normal, please unplug the equipment in question and call us immediately. Our technician will be checking all equipment and dry out progress on a regular basis.


We use very high tech moisture meters designed to specifically check for proper moisture content. We will not cover up any areas, which may be still wet. This is why you have made a good choice to call us, not just any water damage chain company. We are trained and certified in water damage assuring you the homeowner of the best quality service and giving you the peace of mind that it will be dried out properly.


Typically the average water loss takes between 2 to 5 days. If materials have been exposed to water over a long period of time it may take 4 to 7 days.


Microban is an antimicrobial, which is designed to inhibit, destroy, or prevent the development of microorganisms. Many times we will use this product as a precautionary step. Your health is our main concern.